Athena Marketing International (AMI) Founder and President Peter M. Guyer has published extensively in various Food, Beverage and International Business magazines and trade journals. Some of the articles appear below:

Australia: A Strong Export Market for U.S. Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Australia has one of the world’s strongest developed economies, with a 2011 GDP of US$926.2 billion and expected continuing growth. Similar to the U.S. and Western Europe, GDP derives mainly from services (71.3%), followed by industrial (24.9%). It has a small but powerful agricultural and food processing sector (3.8%) which competes with U.S. food and … Continued

The Crisis in Europe: Its effect on U.S. Food & Beverage Exporters

The financial crisis which has affected Europe for several months appears to be deteriorating. U.S. companies which have profited in Europe are facing declining sales and profits, slack consumer demand, and delays on Accounts Receivables. American food and beverage companies are uncertain about their future business prospects in Europe. This article will attempt to provide … Continued

Gulp! Liquor sellers face challenges of theft, taxes

Puget Sound Business Journal by Glenn Drosendahl, Contributing Writer When you shop for liquor in Washington, the selection’s much the same whether you’re in Longview, Lynnwood or Liberty Lake. That will change on June 1, when about 1,200 private stores start selling liquor under voter-approved Initiative 1183, introducing a whole new facet to shopping for … Continued

Middle East “Hot” for U.S. Food & Beverages

“Packaged food is slowly eating away at fresh food across the Middle East,” said Lee Linthicum, head of global food research at Euromonitor. “People have been eating fresh and unprocessed food in the region for years; it’s now that there’s a shift from unprocessed to processed.” For better or worse, Middle East consumers are eating … Continued

International Sales Driving U.S. Company Growth

Over halfway through the year, U.S. companies have begun reporting 2nd quarter earnings. Unsurprisingly, international sales are mostly responsible for contributing to the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index companies reporting the highest profits in four years. Both large and small U.S. companies are weathering the weak U.S. economy through exports. U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) … Continued

Revolution in the Middle East & Africa!

What it Means for U.S. Exporters U.S. exports of processed food & beverages increased 17% in 2010 to US$56.2 billion. U.S. exports of ALL goods rose 21% to $1.28 trillion, and the U.S. surpassed Germany as the world’s #2 exporter behind China. Despite the chronic U.S. unemployment rate, manufacturing jobs in our country grew 0.9% … Continued