Athena Marketing International (AMI) Founder and President Peter M. Guyer has published extensively in various Food, Beverage and International Business magazines and trade journals. Some of the articles appear below:

Free Trade – A Call to Action

by Peter Guyer, Originally published in the AMI Global Bite. We focus on business and rarely tread into politics. However, given the current sentiment in Washington D.C. and global economic realities, we must speak out on international trade policy. I am terrified with the current anti-protectionist attitude among U.S. lawmakers and their openly hostile attitude … Continued

Japan – Why is Ginza so quiet?

by Peter Guyer, Originally published in the AMI Global Bite. On a recent trip to Tokyo, I was surprised at the lack of traffic and emptiness of Ginza, one of Tokyo’s primary retail and entertainment districts. Ginza has always been at the forefront of fashion, economy, and culture in Tokyo. It is a place where … Continued

AMI International Expansion White Paper #2

Do you have a solid strategic business plan to develop your company’s international sales? Does your management team possess a clear understanding of the plan and their role in it? Do all relevant constituents “buy into” and support the plan? Read below to see exactly how AMI helped one confectionery client to develop and implement … Continued

AMI International Expansion White Paper #1

There is a time when expanding into new markets is a logical next step in the company’s growth. Is expansion in the cards for your company? Read below to see exactly how we helped AMI’s beverage client to expand their European footprint, win new customers and, most importantly, increase sales. The Challenge A branded beverage … Continued

The Rapidly Growing Global Coffee and Tea Markets

by Peter Guyer, Originally published in The American Exporter, October 2009 Tea Global tea sales increased over 3% in volume and 5% in value in 2005, indicating that higher value tea is being consumed. Total value of the worldwide tea market is over US$20 billion, and is expected to grow over 13% in volume over … Continued

Can You Succeed With Talent Alone?

We all know very talented people. The gifted athlete, rich business owner, articulate public speaker, class valedictorian are all examples of talented people. Likewise, we all know very talented people who are not always “successful” or achieve great things. There are many “smart” or “wealthy” people who are unhappy, unfulfilled, and who obviously have not … Continued

Fair Trade: Questioning Assumptions

During a recent trip to my local Whole Foods store for coffee beans, I was amazed to encounter a bewildering array of official-looking labels as I wandered down the crowded coffee aisle. In addition to the now-ubiquitous black-and-white TransFair label, there were also a variety of other labels which, as far as I could tell, … Continued