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México: Millennial, te gusta comprar marcas premium en el supermercado

With a higher basket totals, a preference for premium brands, and an eye for good value, Mexican Millennials, could be a great opportunity for US brands.

La participación de los jóvenes mexicanos en el mercado es muy importante, son el segundo grupo con mayor desembolso en productos de consumo masivo, al gastar 4.0 por ciento más en comparación con un hogar promedio; sólo superados por las familias grandes.

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China’s Cross-Border E-commerce Market Soared to $220B in 2017

With special lower duty rates and import requirements, cross border e-commerce is a great channel for US companies looking to take their first step into China.

Chinese consumers are increasingly e-shopping around the world. According to a study released July 31 by marketing and consulting agency Westwin, 67 percent of Chinese e-commerce consumers had a cross-border purchasing experience last year, a figure that was up sharply from 34 percent from the year before.

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Trade pain: Small companies hit by import, export tariffs

Companies big & small, from whiskey to boats, are reassessing and changing their international strategies. We can help.

Time and effort have gone down the drain for Steve Gould, who is scrambling to find new customers for his gin, whiskey and other spirits since the United States has taken a tough stance on trade issues.

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From Amazon to Alibaba, Grocers’ Agony Is Endless

From pure online to hybrid on/offline experiences, China’s e-commerce platforms are shaking up the whole grocery industry!

Want to know what Inc. will be doing in physical retail tomorrow? Look at what is happening in China today. If you’d taken this advice, you wouldn’t have been surprised when the behemoth spent $13.7 billion last year buying Whole Foods. Eighteen months earlier Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. had launched Hema, a technologically advanced blend of online grocery shopping, dining and bricks and mortar.

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Retail sales in India will hit half of nation’s GDP this year; key factors behind the revolution

With 15% compound annual growth, India’s retail market is expected to hit $1.25 TRILLION this year!

Total retail sales in India are set to hit $1.25 trillion by the end of this year — more than half of the country’s GDP of $2.3 trillion — as an increasingly digital nation spur people to shop more and more online, a study said. The retail sales in India are growing at a compounded annual rate of 15% since the year 2014, an Assocham-Resurgent India joint study said. “The total retail sales in India will likely to increase from the $717.73 billion during CY 2014 to touch $1,244.58 billion by 2018…,” the study said.

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How Chile Is Building Bridges Of Understanding With Free Trade

Chile’s commitment to free trade includes great opportunities for US Exporters.

Integration, not isolation, is the key to sustainable development in a world bound ever closely together by information and transportation networks. Chile is committed to forging regional and international economic cooperation that can raise the standard of living for our own people and with it, the prospects for growth among our many friends and partners. Even with the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), we stand ready to advance multilateral trade, which helps build a stable international consensus for the rule of law and collective economic security. Leading South America in competitiveness, digital technology and income per capita, Chile takes a broad view towards trade with our three biggest trading partners: the United States, China and the European Union.

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