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Why Japan’s retailers are courting older shoppers

Japanese retailers are changing to meet their customers’ needs and US better for you products and healthy foods will definitely be in demand.

For Japan’s older consumers, a trip to the shops is about much more than buying goods as the country’s retailers rethink how they’re catering for this growing demographic.

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The next chapter of modern grocery store

Modern Retail, including supermarkets and convenience stores, in Southeast Asia continues to experience stellar growth. Does your company have a strategy to tap in?

Modern grocery retailers in Thailand are still growing but the sign of an impending slowdown is becoming more evident through increased competition. This trend can be observed in the overall picture of the modern grocery retailer market…

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5 points from U.S.-Canada export report

Thanks in part to NAFTA, Canada is the “Number One Market for U.S. Agricultural Exports” and represents 25% of all consumer oriented ag. exports from the US.

Total U.S. export value to Canada surpassed $20 billion in 2017, making Canada the leading destination for U.S. food and agricultural exports.Here are five points from the “Canada: Canada Number One Market for U.S. Agricultural Exports” report…

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Bahrain retail market growing at 11pc per year

For US companies looking for additional growth, Bahrain and other Middle East markets make for great opportunities.

Bahrain’s retail sector has been growing steadily over the past decade and remains one of the most dynamic sectors in the Kingdom, with an annual growth rate of 13 per cent, according to a new study by KPMG.

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Africa: the next ecommerce revolution

With the world’s highest mobile money usage rates and consumer spending expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2020, the African continent could be an important part of your global e-commerce strategy.

Today, Africa’s population is estimated at 1.2 billion people (15% of the world’s total). By 2050, the population of 26 out of 54 countries in Africa will at least double their size. Combine this population growth with the burgeoning middle class and you have a compelling case for digital merchant expansion. Currently, 35% of the continent’s 1.2 billion people are connected to the Internet, compared to the global average of 54%. While ecommerce has been slow to develop across the continent, all signs indicate that the African market is ripe for a digital retail boom.

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