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With over 15 years’ experience navigating the American retail market, Athena Marketing International (AMI) has the industry knowledge to help U.S. and foreign brands grow in the U.S. retail and e-commerce sales channels. When it’s time to expand your product sales in the United States, turn to AMI for a reliable path to success.

AMI is able to get your products on U.S. retail shelves faster, and with better turn-around, creating high volumes and wide distribution. We have built strong relationships with some of the largest U.S. accounts in the industry, including Costco, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, Amazon, CVS and others.

Because of our extensive knowledge of the food, beverage, nutrition and personal care markets, we are able to recognize opportunities and key routes to success that others may miss.


  • Appointments with target U.S. retail customers
  • National sales coverage throughout the U.S.
  • Maintain retailer review calendars
  • Develop your brand’s U.S. sales budgets and forecasting models
  • Recommend and manage U.S. sales broker partners
  • Design and implement U.S. retail promotional strategies
  • Report and document to you our sales progress and opportunities
  • Analyze U.S. retailer sales velocity data and trends

AMI has a national network of sales brokers around the United States to get your product to prime locations. Our sales brokerage network is ready to assist in the effective distribution of your product in the U.S.

With a dedicated sales team, and a personal account representative for your brand, you will be assured the best possible service from AMI. The moment you become a client, our team will receive extensive training and education on your products and brand so as to represent your company with knowledge and confidence in the U.S.

We will obtain Purchase Orders from strategically targeted accounts that will provide your brand with critical exposure and begin to establish your brand profile in the U.S. When your product is placed in stores, we maintain regular contact with the retailer to ensure the best displays and placement of your products.

Throughout this process, we will keep you up to speed on our progress and strategies so that you are assured we are constantly working toward our mutual success. We provide regular sales reports and analytics to detail the momentum of your product in the American market.

Our sales associates take pride in providing the most innovative and effective marketing and product distribution services in the U.S.

Please contact us and begin to increase your U.S. sales.


T: +1 206 612 8926