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SEATTLE (October 29, 2009) — Athena Marketing International (AMI), a leading export marketing and consulting firm serving the food, beverage, and agricultural industries, has added a comprehensive set of foreign language printing tools. These printing services will further strengthen AMI’s value added offering in international marketing and business development.

Peter Guyer, AMI President, states, “Adding foreign language print services to our international marketing capabilities is a natural progression to our already broad range of services. Today’s print technology allows us to effectively and affordably present our client’s product in multiple languages quickly and efficiently, which until recently, was not feasible.”

AMI’s services now include the ability to accomplish a host of customized, targeted and even personalized print services. The value proposition to AMI clients is:

– Quickly determine the most effective packaging design that complies with a given foreign market’s local packaging regulations.

– Realize a more affordable “cost of entry” by producing short run packaging specific to the target foreign markets.

– Produce foreign language POP materials, training manuals, newsletters and distributor kits in useable “on-demand” quantities.

– Exploit “one-to-one marketing” and ad campaigns in local languages targeted at a specific foreign demographic.

– Ensure brand integrity by managing print production and printed assets through a single source.

Having AMI generate foreign language packaging avoids costly mistakes and misprints and the overproduction of materials.

About Athena Marketing International:

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Athena Marketing International (AMI) provides international marketing, business development and strategic consulting services to U.S. food & beverage manufacturers. Its objective is to assist high quality, emerging U.S. food and beverage producers develop into major global brands. In addition, AMI serves as an advisor to its clients’ senior management, offering counsel on international marketing, business development, foreign joint ventures and alliances, strategic planning, media and promotion, distribution, and foreign language packaging. AMI works closely with CEOs, business owners, and senior executives of their food and beverage client companies to expand their businesses, reduce expenses, increase profits and develop a long-term sustainable global business platform. For more information about AMI, please visit

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