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How Does Brexit Impact North American Exporters?

The United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) agreed on the terms and conditions of the former’s exit from the 28-country group. While many feared the worst outcome of a “hard Brexit” without an agreement, calmer heads prevailed and the result will be very few changes. The United Kingdom achieved continued duty-free access for allMore Information

The Future of Global Trade for North American Food & Beverage Brands

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a knock-out punch to the global trading system. Most exports from North America stopped or were severely disrupted. The good news for businesses involved in international trade: the worst is over! While global trade, as with most North American exports, contracted sharply in the first half of 2020, it has rebounded in Q3. Forecasts through 2023 call for U.S. trade with China to contract -15%, but enjoy continued growth with Europe, SE Asia (+7% growth through 2025), Latin America and the Middle East (+10% growth through 2025).

On a macro-level, many countries simply do not produce the food and agriculture its citizens require or demand. Despite severe recession and economic hardship in many countries, consumers will continue buying the small “luxuries” they enjoy, which includes imported food and beverages. Finally, businesses will still need to trade with other nations to achieve growth as domestic economies are not sustainable on their own. More countries will forge bi-lateral and regional free trade agreements in order for their manufacturers to access markets and maintain competitiveness.

Overall, we see continued sanguine prospects for global trade, particularly in processed and organic food and beverages, allergen-free and plant-based food and beverages, nutritional supplements, baked and frozen foods, pet food, ingredients and agricultural products. Health, wellness and immunity-boosting foods, beverages and supplements are rising dramatically worldwide. Retail and e-commerce sales are also growing rapidly in most foreign markets due to consumers staying at home. Ingredient costs may also decrease due to lower worldwide demand, enhancing profits of North American manufacturers.

The downside risks of increasing global trade and exports are additional waves of COVID-19 or other virus mutations, weaker consumer demand and economic growth, free trade agreements which exclude the U.S. and Canada, and further import restrictions for North American products. While we do not have a crystal ball to predict the future, we believe the global trade glass is half full. Now is an opportune time for North American companies to assess pro-actively the markets and customers that will drive future growth and secure a competitive advantage in a post-COVID world.

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AMI represents its branded clients at dozens of international trade shows and conferences.

Gulfood show in February 2020 in Dubai, UAE

AMI represented the fast-growing sparkling flavored water brand, SPARKLING ICE, at the Gulfood show in February 2020, the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade show located in Dubai, UAE

2019 HOST Milano

AMI represented two of its U.S. client brands at the HOST Equipment, Coffee and Food 41st International Hospitality Exhibition, in Milan, Italy, October 18-22. This year the show featured 2,249 exhibitors and visitors from 177 countries, which offered the brands a unique opportunity to build their global brand awareness and increase sales growth.

2019 World Food Expo in the Philippines

AMI represented MOCAFE™, an innovative leader in the specialty beverage category, at the largest food show in the Philippines, World Food Expo (WOFEX) August 7-10, 2019.

Children Baby Maternity Expo (CBME) in China

As the largest Maternity/Baby trade show in the world, Children Baby Maternity Expo (CBME) drew a truly global crowd of visitors and exhibitors. Representing pediatric supplement market leader Mommy’s Bliss, AMI met with a wide range of potential online and offline distributors from around the world from July 24-27, 2019.

Josh Seligman of AMI promotes the Sparkling Ice brand of TALKING RAIN at the Tutto Foods show in Milan, Italy

Representing premium tea brand Steven Smith Teamaker at the HCJ Show in Tokyo, Japan

Athena Marketing International represents premium tea brand Steven Smith Teamaker at the HCJ Show in Tokyo, Japan in February 2019. HCJ Japan is a major foodservice tradeshow bringing professionals and businesses from around the globe

At Fastfood & Café Stockholm Mighty Leaf Tea’s Premium Hot & Iced Teas Proved Popular

The largest foodservice show in Scandinavia was a great venue to highlight Mighty Leaf Tea’s whole leaf brewed teas, both hot and cold. Professionals from Sweden’s top foodservice distributors and venues came to experience the premium difference.

AMI Exhibits Mommy’s Bliss at The Baby & Kids Expo, Tokyo Japan.

Mommy’s Bliss’s innovative range of tummy relief aids, Vitamin D, and probiotic products drew plenty of attention in Japan. AMI Director, Alex Lindsay, met with retail buyers from a variety of importers, distributors, and major online and offline retailers at the brand’s first trade show in Asia.

Mighty Leaf Tea is a Big Hit at HOST 2017

AMI represented Mighty Leaf Tea at the world-leading coffee and foodservice global trade show in Milan, Italy in October 2017.