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SEATTLE (September 8, 2010) – Athena Marketing International (AMI), a leading export marketing, business development and consulting firm serving the food, beverage, and agricultural industries, has hired George Synan to build its client’s distribution and brands in Japan and throughout Asia.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with George Synan, a global food and beverage industry veteran,” said Peter Guyer, AMI President. “George has been in food and beverage distribution and the specialty coffee industry in Japan for over 20 years. In addition, George has extensive contacts in the food and beverage industry throughout Asia. He will accelerate our client’s sales and distribution in Asia through his insight, expertise and contacts. Speaking fluent Japanese, George will initially focus on Japan and rapidly expand our client’s sales throughout Asia/Pacific.”

George Synan stated: “I am thrilled about working for AMI and representing them in the Japan region. AMI has a very exciting client portfolio of brands. I am looking forward to growing their presence in the high-potential Japanese market”.

About Athena Marketing International:

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Athena Marketing International (AMI) provides international marketing, business development and strategic consulting services to U.S. food & beverage manufacturers. AMI sells its client’s products to a network of international importers, distributors, retailers and other buyers. Its objective is to assist high quality, emerging U.S. food and beverage producers develop into major global brands. AMI’s services allow U.S. food & beverage manufacturers to reduce costs, improve profitability and achieve a higher success rate selling their products in global markets. AMI develops its clients’ brands globally by conducting strategic business planning, increasing sales, meeting the needs of international buyers, and conforming to local import regulations.

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