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Trifecta Foods, LLC Hires AMI to Expand International Distribution of Sunkist Blends

PACOIMA, CA (October 15, 2012) — In the snack nut category, Sunkist has returned with nine new products launching two lines, Sunkist Signature Series nuts and Sunkist Blends dried fruit and nut mixes. As a brand America loves and trusts, Sunkist, and Trifecta Foods LLC & Sunkist Growers Inc., have combined to produce unique and innovative products designed to delight consumers, and grow sales and profits for food distributors and retailers.

Trifecta Foods LLC recently hired Athena Marketing International (AMI) — a leading export marketing, business development and consulting firm serving the food, beverage, and agricultural industries – to market and sell its products in Europe and Australia. Tim Snee of Trifecta LLC said, “The healthy snack food category worldwide is growing more than 7% annually with over 1 billion middle class consumers in the emerging markets. Trifecta and Sunkist plan to capture market share in these economies while delighting consumers.”

As a company that has a 119 year history growing and selling the Sunkist brand since 1893, there is 95% brand awareness in North America. Sunkist brings a strong brand that delivers great retailer margins, modern packaging that appeal to consumers, and premium nuts and fruits.

Peter Guyer, President of AMI, has been working in emerging markets for over 20 years. “Trifecta Foods and Sunkist have developed on-trend healthy snack products which enjoy high demand in emerging markets. The global healthy snack category is a US$27 billion market. The nut and trail mix segment is 60% of the category with growth exceeding 10%. AMI will accelerate Sunkist Blends’ participation in this category growth on a worldwide scale.”

About Trifecta Foods LLC

Trifecta Foods, LLC was formed to bring together a family of fine snack brands with the goal of becoming the “better for you” snack food leader. Through research and new product innovation, they have built on their traditional product lines to create snack items that appeal to consumers looking for convenience and quality in support of their active, healthy lifestyle. They are excited about the trend toward more nutritional snacking and will continue to introduce delicious new products to meet growing demand.

About Athena Marketing International (AMI):

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, AMI markets and sells U.S. food & beverage manufacturer’s products to a global network of international importers, distributors, retailers and other buyers, allowing its clients to achieve a higher success rate selling their products in global markets. AMI works closely with CEOs, business owners, and senior executives of their client companies to expand their businesses and develop a long-term sustainable global business platform. For more information about AMI, please visit


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