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1. We have a hands-on, on-the-job training program in which you learn multiple new skills

You will learn not only the “nuts and bolts” of international business, but also new e-mail marketing tools and technologies. You may also become involved in global cross-border e-commerce and the production, marketing and sales of our manufactured branded products.

2. You will have the opportunity to work with multiple different companies in a variety of product categories and industries

AMI has worked with over 100 different brands in the food, beverage, and nutritional supplement category. You will have an opportunity to work with several brands in a variety of different industries. Your work will never be dull or boring, and you will not be relegated to one function of the company as employees in large corporations!

3. We work with CEO’s, Founders & Entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents of Sales, and Senior Executives of our Clients

Most of AMI’s clients are owned or operated by seasoned and experienced executives, some of whom have founded and exited multiple businesses. You will have exposure to leaders in the food and beverage industry.

4. You Will Learn the “AMI Process” of Lead Generation, Market Research, Negotiation, New Customer Acquisition and International Sales Closure

We use a variety of tools and technologies such as CRM software, e-mail marketing software, social media, SEO, and database management software. These tools and technologies will become second nature to you after working at AMI

5. You Will Have Opportunities to Travel to Foreign Countries for Trade Shows and Customer Meetings

AMI manages trade shows on behalf of its branded clients, and has exhibited at over 50 international trade shows. You may have an opportunity to organize and/or manage these trade shows in Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America.

6. You Will Work With Fun People Who Celebrate Our Successes

We work hard but also know how to celebrate our successes and give recognition for a job well done.

7. No Long-Term Commitment or Contracts

We only ask for a 3-year commitment. After that we will help you achieve your career goals and opportunities for continued growth at another company of your choice. However, we hope you will stay with AMI long-term.