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Snack consumption in 2022 increased despite inflation and supply reductions by manufacturers. This growth is expected to continue in 2023, with better-for-you and innovative snacks driving the category growth.
The top trends that we will encounter in 2023 include a resurgence of snacking on the go, unique flavor offerings, perception of affordable prices, and healthier snack alternatives.
Many consumers have resumed their pre-pandemic daily activities and they prefer their food to be easy to carry and quickly accessible. For this reason, individually wrapped and pre-prepared cold grab-and-go snacks are on high demand.
Additionally, snacks are evolving to cater a more curious consumer base. The use of bold and exotic flavors and textures appeal to snack lovers, especially the younger generations. Continuous innovation in conventional snacking will remain a key factor in the rise of snack consumption worldwide.
Furthermore, snack prices have risen considerably due to inflation. However, consumers still perceive snacks as an affordable item. Smaller pack sizes and large family packs are preferable among consumers.
Finally, healthy and functional snacking is gaining more importance these days as some people are replacing their meals with snacks and they need proper nutrition. Snacks that are high in protein, low in sugar and sodium, plant-based, and gluten free are driving the growth.
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