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Athena Marketing International (AMI), a Seattle-based export marketing and consulting firm specializing in global market entry and international business development of U.S.-based food and beverage brands, has signed a representation agreement with R-J International in China. With the opening of this sales office in China, AMI will now have two international sales offices, having had a sales office in Japan for two years.
R-J International, a leading global agriculture and foods marketing and consulting company, is focused on expanding sales and distribution of imported food and beverage products in mainland China. Founded in 2001 and based out of Shanghai, China, the company represents high quality brands from the United States, Australia and Europe. R-J International will assist AMI develop new distribution partners for its U.S. branded clients, provide market research and intelligence on specific food and beverage product categories, and conduct marketing and promotional activities to enhance brand awareness among Chinese consumers.
Due to an increasingly educated, financially-stable and health-conscious population demanding premium imported food products, China will drive growth for many U.S. food and beverage suppliers over the next several years. China is already America’s No. 1 trading partner for food products.
“While many developed markets are flat or contracting, China will enjoy an 8% annual GDP growth rate through 2020,” said Peter Guyer, President of Athena Marketing International. “The urban population now exceeds 50% in China, and by 2015 there will be nearly 500 million ‘middle class’ consumers in China. Foreign food and beverage brands meet the growing needs of consumers in a nation increasingly dependent on imports.”
With this partnership, Athena Marketing International (AMI) is laying the foundation for future growth of its U.S. branded products portfolio in China, which will enjoy 20% of the total global consumption by 2030.
“U.S. food and beverages are becoming popular in China and not exclusive to wealthy people any more. The demand for high quality, premium food products are booming,” according to Tony Wang, Managing Director at R-J International. “In this fast growing market, a good business partnership not only creates a win-win relationship but also a multiplier effect on brand product sales. We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with such a leading marketing company such as AMI, and confident that this cooperation will be highly successful.”