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Athena Marketing International (AMI), Seattle-based consulting firm specializing in global market entry and international business development, was instrumental in establishing a multi-million dollar distribution agreement between a U.S. beverage manufacturer and Hiang Kie Coffee Group Limited, a leading coffee and specialty beverage distributor in China.
“With the Chinese penchant for quality food and beverages, rising income levels and aspirational middle-class, coupled with its large and increasingly-sophisticated population, U.S. food and beverage suppliers are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth opportunity,” said Peter Guyer, President of Athena Marketing International. “We are very pleased with Hiang Kie and selected them because of their broad coverage, customer centric business model, and their wonderful staff. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”
AMI worked closely with Hiang Kie to secure a distribution agreement launching U.S. beverage products in cafes and other foodservice establishments throughout China and Hong Kong. AMI travelled to China twice last year, exhibited at large international trade shows in Hong Kong and Shanghai, negotiated the agreement with Hiang Kie, and trained their Hong Kong and China sales staff as they prepared to launch the beverage line.
“We were seeking a high-quality U.S. beverage supplier for foodservice customers,” according to Kyle Fu, Marketing Director at Hiang Kie. “With superior tasting products, deep international experience, and excellent customer-focused service levels, we are confident these U.S. beverage products will succeed in the China market.”
China will drive growth for many U.S. food and beverage suppliers over the next several years, and has already become the U.S. agricultural industry's largest export market. Last year, China moved past Canada becoming America's No. 1 trading partner for food products. Since 2005, U.S. food and agricultural export sales to China have more than tripled reaching a value of $17.5 billion.