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Agility is defined as the “ability to think and understand quickly.” In today’s global business landscape, that management skill is more critical than ever to a company’s success.

Agility, and the ability to finesse challenges and obstacles on a global scale, can be developed in the following ways:

-Challenge the assumptions and conclusions of your management team when developing strategies

-Ensure the research and regulations are understood clearly with respect to your products, ingredients and packaging, and minimize risk of misinterpretation

-Appoint or hire international partners who have been vetted thoroughly and possess deep experience within your category and target regions, and have a track record of demonstrated success

-Build a solid reservoir of data over time in order to replicate success and avoid mistakes

-Pivot when necessary to avoid further losses and enhance the probability of future success

“Future-Proof” your brand by building an agile environment that can easily adapt to market changes and demands.