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Many brand owners of North American companies frequently ask me, “How do we overcome the regulatory hurdles to access high-growth foreign markets?”

This is a difficult but achievable and necessary challenge to overcome for most brands.

Below are the primary aspects to consider when seeking to enter new export markets:


✔Ensure your Ingredient Statements, Product Specifications, Certificates of Analyses, etc. are updated and accurate

✔You (or your co-packer) has a Manufacturing Flow Chart for your products

✔Define accurately your HS Codes, which determine the customs duties/tariffs for your products (

✔Comply with local packaging regulations, which usually necessitates either a sticker applied to your selling unit or unique film developed

While these regulations may appear onerous, with proper guidance and expertise, all these hurdles can be alleviated.

AMI has been solving regulatory and market entry issues for our customers for 18 years. Give us a call to find out how we can help your brand!