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(DUBAI, U.A.E.) – The largest food and beverage trade show in the Middle East, Gulfood, gives exhibitors from all reaches of the world the opportunity to showcase their products, and meet one-on-one with potential customers from all over the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.
AMI is exhibiting 2 of our clients this year, Big Train and Taylor Brothers Farms. The response has been excellent with both booths buzzing essentially nonstop with interested sales leads. We expect the last day will show no deviation from this pattern.
Both products, blended iced coffee drinks and prunes, offer great opportunity for regions with warm, desert climates. Big Train beverages are ideal hot weather thirst quenchers and their powdered form allows for easy storage and limited spoilage. The same applies to prunes. Dried fruit has a much longer shelf life, and can withstand the hot, dry elements.Prunes are not only a healthy, functional fruit but also is an intriguing new product to many local Mideast consumers.
More on the Gulfood show to come from Dubai!