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As consumers continue to look for healthier alternatives from traditional beverages such as soda and juices that contain ingredients with high sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other additives we are continuing to see the rise in better for you beverages. Today’s consumer is expecting more from their beverage than just hydration, they need something that can help them perform well exercising, recover from a long night out, and even recover from or prevent sickness. Those consumers are looking for the same great taste but in a healthy alternative.
The fitness fanatic has always been concerned with what they are putting in their body but in today’s post pandemic world we are seeing this trend in a much wider audience. As people continue to exercise more and focus on their health they are looking for a RTD beverage that can help them perform and recover wherever they are. Better for you beverages gives consumers a product that can help give those same nutrients they need with none of the harmful ingredients previously included.
The beverages that you are seeing on the shelves today are vitamin, protein, and nutrient rich. These products also are going with the new trends of being vegan, plant based, GMO-free, gluten-free, and all natural. This is because more consumers are interested in what they are putting in their body and paying attention to what is on the labels of the products that are enjoying.1
The better for you beverage space is expected to continue to see high growth for the foreseeable future as consumer education has played a large part in the shift to healthy alternatives.2 As more beverage products are being developed around the world we will no longer need to harm our bodies with high levels of sugar and additives but instead have more health conscious options.
By Bretton Dovey
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