Athena Marketing International (AMI) Founder and President Peter M. Guyer has published extensively in various Food, Beverage and International Business magazines and trade journals. Some of the articles appear below:

2017 Food Trends & Insights

The ANUGA food and beverage show in Germany this month highlighted several emerging trends in the global food and beverage industry. Some of the same trends which appeared recently in the U.S. are now beginning to flourish in Western Europe. Others have originated in Europe, Asia or the Middle East and are making their way … Continued

Brexit and its Impact on Food Companies

Watching and reading news headlines about Britain’s exit from the European Union can be concerning. While many headlines initially forecasted doom, gloom, and global meltdowns; now economists are holding back and examining the long term effects. “I think it would be very dangerous to take a position either that it’s all going to be alright … Continued

India: The World's Largest Democracy getting “Organized”

With a population of 1.2 billion people, India represents the largest democracy in the world, and one of the biggest emerging markets. Despite the short-term decreasing growth rates that India and the other BRIC countries (Brazil-Russia-China) experienced in 2011-2012, India's medium-term growth outlook is positive due to a young population, healthy savings and investment rates, … Continued

Saudi Arabia: The Food Exporter’s Hidden Gem

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Like the rest of the Persian Gulf region, Saudi Arabia saw an explosion in consumer spending over the past decade due to the bourgeoning global energy demand. Per capita income is about US$15,000. GDP has grown a robust 16.9% in the past year and is expected to grow 8.8% next year. Not … Continued

What the Arab Spring Needs to Blossom

Manama, Bahrain: Being an American business person in the Middle East today, one realizes a striking dichotomy. While foreign diplomats shuttle between Middle East capitals trying fervently to prevent further war and bloodshed, thousands more refugees are forced to leave their homelands due to senseless fighting, and CNN continues to debate the possibility of a … Continued